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Spiral Jetty IPA, Epic Brewing Company, Salt Lake City, UT


 When I hold the glass to my face, the light pale ale faint fragrance sets the tone for what seems to be absent any hop sharpness that is typically on the nose and it seems more like a regular beer fragrance.  I was reminded of the first time I smelled my father’s beer as a kid when I took a whiff of this one.  The first taste reveals that this is no ordinary IPA.  In fact, I liken it more to a Lager than an IPA.   Had a jinx moment with one of the experts here when we both said it reminded us of our crowd favorite from Blue Point, Toasted Lager.  It’s got a nice aftertaste that you expect from a good lager.  Who’d have thought that in the land of State Run liquor stores where you have to buy any brew over 3.2%abv, that there would be such a wonderful brewery such as what we find in the Epic Brewing Company.  I look forward to sampling more of your delicious classic series and beyond.

2 comments on “Spiral Jetty IPA, Epic Brewing Company, Salt Lake City, UT

  1. wineoh!006
    September 21, 2012

    Agreed! This could be the next easy-drinking, delicious beer we offer to our guests who prefer a milder tasting brew. As we say, we have not yet had anyone who has tasted it say they don’t like the Blue Point Toasted Lager!

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