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A Life Changing Test…

It was suggested to me that I blog about my experience recently and I thought that was a cool idea. So here I am. If anything, My hope is to provide some things that other people may find useful.

As a fellow “Brew Blogger”, I have enjoyed tasting and posting my thoughts and opinions on brews I have tried. It has been great learning, experiencing and discovering all the different brews and flavors that are out there.

This came to an abrupt halt for me when a blood test revealed that I had a extremely high blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C reading. I originally went to my doctor for these tests because for weeks I was dropping weight without trying(22 pounds) and I was excessively thirsty all the time.  These readings led to a diagnosis of diabetes. At this point, the type of diabetes I have has not been determined. I was immediately asked to abstain from all sugar, white flour carbs and alcohol. I was given medication to take daily and an insulin pen to inject myself twice a day. I also needed to increase my daily activity with more exercise.

I am currently adjusting to all this and have embraced the suggestions I have been given.

I will continue to add to my experiences as I go along …but at this point… I miss the brews.. : (

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One comment on “A Life Changing Test…

  1. DuffBrew
    December 7, 2012

    Forgive me for my ignorance and my lack of research before just thinking out loud. Is there any brew that you could enjoy when considering your current condition? Are there any acceptable brews, would an ultra light be out of the question?

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