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Schweizerhaus Bierschokolade


The Original Swiss House Beer Chocolate

My sister lives in Germany.  Her husband was born in Romania and split his childhood between there and both Germanys (at the time).  When I first met him we had an instant bond with beer.  He mentioned there weren’t that many good American beers.  I agreed to a point.  After all, it was the late 90s and the microbrew craze was in full gear.  I introduced him to some of my favorite mid-Atlantic brews, he made sure to bring back some of his favs from Germany and eastern Europe whenever he returned.  The above pictures were my Christmas gift this year.

The Schweizerhaus is a beer garden in Vienna, Austria.  The Bud mentioned on the inside of the wrapper is what we call Czechvar in the States.  The rest of the world knows it as the original Budweiser.  It was the perfect dessert for my first free weekend post Sandy.  The translation is as best as my high school German allows (ok, that and

We dedicate all Swiss House gourmets this noble composition.  Finest hand selected bitter chocolate has been used since 1836 when Kremser chocolate manufacture first combined itself with a beer Ganache of Budweiser Super Strong made from soft water out of depth of 300 meter swell springs with a  700 year old brewing tradition.  Here you will enjoy our life’s art.  Joy for the senses for the time in which we live.

Or something like that.  The outside was crumbly, the inside as bittersuess as any Swiss chocolate.  Mmmm…washed it down with Dead Reckoning Porter.  Ach du lieber!!


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