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W00tstout, Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, San Diego County, CA

I read the label before I tasted this 13%abv collaboration ale. So, I think it was this reason that I alone could taste the sometimes candied spiced pecan bourbon on the initial forward palate. Everyone was surprised at the lack of disgustingly sweet we would normally expect to endure with a heavy hitting thirteen percent. The experts I admire most nailed it, when they mentioned, “Its got the mouth feel and visual consistency of the Palo Santo Marron, but with a scotch-nut that cuts the sweet to an enjoyable level”. We agreed that other than the visual similarity and mouth-feel, the W00tstout is completely different from the Palo Santo Marron and that the Palo is amazing. When you taste this collaboration, you too will realize that, this woman perfectly described this brew in twenty-five words or less and was spot on delicious. Will, Drew and, Greg of course, thank you for flirting with disaster on this one. It really turned out beautifully.

6 comments on “W00tstout, Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, San Diego County, CA

  1. daboneman
    July 31, 2013

    Enjoying this brew “on tap” currently… must say I agree with my fellow BBr…but the nose is at a whole different level on tap…. “damn u Will Wheaton!”

  2. DuffBrew
    July 31, 2013

    Damn you Will Wheaton! 😃 Love it! So, where are you enjoying that on draught and how much is it?

  3. daboneman
    August 1, 2013

    arm was twisted……had to go to there vagabond……money

  4. daboneman
    August 1, 2013

    where are we going to do for breakfast

  5. daboneman
    August 1, 2013


    • DuffBrew
      August 1, 2013

      tomorrow or Saturday? you know how muxh i love the Shore Diner, how ’bout there?

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