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Village Idiot IPA Candidate #2, Village Idiot Brewing Company, Mt Holly, NJ


This IPA is the second candidate example from our friends at Village Idiot Brewing Company.  This IPA is another nicer example of the IPA style from Vince.   Very good clarity and nice head with a mild to medium hoppy nose. Subtle hoppy mouthfeel with a higher level of back end bitterness than the 1st candidate.  Finished with a sweet malty complex followed by a slightly bitter ending!

12 comments on “Village Idiot IPA Candidate #2, Village Idiot Brewing Company, Mt Holly, NJ

  1. DuffBrew
    August 31, 2013

    I am enjoying this candidate now and I find this one much better than the last. It has a bitter ending that I like with a simultaneous satin mouth-feel. The warmed last sip has more alcohol than I expected, this is invisible in the frozen glass. As one expert said here, “its rough around the edges and I like it”. I want to know the abv and ibu stats. My young nephew asked for some and he said there was a distinct apple juice on the nose. I agree that there is a mild fruitiness on the nose, not sure if its apple though. Nice one Vince, is this ‘the ipa’?

  2. wineoh!006
    August 31, 2013

    This rendition is the nailer! I’d drink this IPA all night as the house brew. The perfect mix of bitter delicious hops and slight malt. Yum! I’m in.

  3. This will be the house IPA, thanks everyone for the feedback
    70 IBU
    7.5% ABV
    Some specs can be found here:

    The fruitiness your getting in the nose is most likely the piney, woodsy, citrus aroma imparted by the big dry hop additions we made with Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial and Cascades.

    keep an eye on our facebook page so you guys can come out for the grand opening…..(projected early 2014):

    oh….stop using frozen glassware…..get your hands on some of those Spiegelau Craft Beer IPA Glasses made for Dogfish Head they are amazing.

    • ospreybrews
      August 31, 2013

      Great Brew!! We’ll be looking forward to the grand opening in 2014. Been telling Duffbrew for years to lose the frozen glass ware as it ruins the nose and imparts off flavors… maybe he’ll listen to you!! 🙂

      • Thanks…. we attended a presentation by Spiegelau (the german glassware maker) at the American Homebrew Conference this summer in Phila, they had us pour 4 different beers, half in a regular shaker pint glasses and the other half the specialty Spiegelau glasses. I’ll tell you what, it made a believer in me, especially the new IPA glass… was like smelling and tasting two completely different beers… guys should do a similar side-by-side:

    • DuffBrew
      August 31, 2013

      Yes! We have a few of the Dogfish Head IPA glasses. These were also frozen at various points last night. I love the frozen glass ever since I experienced the natural chilling conveyor contraption of that pizza buffet nightclub in Killington, VT many years ago.

      I love the frozen glass because it allows the sense spectrum to be widened, giving the taster a longer ride on the flavor adventure roller coaster. You get to experience the initial extreme cold that will gradually warm and (sometimes) will release all sorts of previously unnoticed aromas and flavors. By the time you’ve either added a splash of refill to the once frozen glass or poured another over top, you are able to enjoy each fragrance and flavor in a distinctly pronounced schedule. I love it! With that said however Vince, I would like to try the side-by-side in the different glassware. I have experienced a profoundly varied taste of the same libation with different glassware. It is quite amazing how the shape of the glass delivers the payload to the palate and provides a distinct flavor. I would offer further, we try this side-by-side comparison with two sets of glassware, one set warm from the rack and one set frozen from the freezer.

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  5. Ursula
    August 31, 2013

    I had mine in a Dogfish Head Spiegelau glass! Not frozen might I add 😁

  6. wineoh!006
    August 31, 2013

    I had mine in a Dogfish Head Spiegelau glass! Not frozen might I add 🙂

  7. daboneman
    September 1, 2013

    A quite enjoyable IPA either way I tasted it… Bravo VIB

  8. added the IPA to untappd…..and since you guys were the only ones to try it, feel free to rate it:

  9. hey guys….I know you haven’t been to the place (no one has yet) but you have tried the beer…if you can help us get started on yelp and google with some reviews we’d appreciate it:


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