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Ice Cream!


Saw this in the newspaper today:
By MICHAELRUBINKAM AssociatedPress POTTSVILLE, Pa. — Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s, Edy’s and Yuengling’s: Which thingisnotliketheothers? Trick question. They all make ice cream. The freezer aisle at South Jersey Acmes got a little more crowded Monday as Yuengling — a name more associated with ale, porter and lager than vanilla, chocolate and strawberry — took its place alongside
the familiar brands. Beer drinkers up and down the East Coast know Yuengling as a 185-year-old family-owned Penn- sylvania brewery whose lager flows from taps in countless bars and restau- rants. What they might not realize is that Yuengling used to make ice cream, too, starting in 1920 at the dawn of Prohibition. Now Yuengling’s Ice Cream is back after an absence of nearly 30 years,
available at hundreds of stores in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey. Additional stores and markets could be added later. “I was brought up with it,” said Bob Pomian, pick- ing up a $4.99 carton of chocolate marshmallow at a store in Pottsville, a few miles away from the brew- ery. “If it’s the same ice cream I ate 50 years ago, then I’d be happy with it.” This incarnation of Yuengling’s Ice Cream is a separate company with no connection to the brewery.
But it has already capitalized on that famous name. Yuengling’s initial run of 100,000 quarts rolled off the production line ahead of schedule because of high demand, fueled by nostal- gia and the popularity of the eponymous beer. “One of the biggest things in putting a new product on the market is getting brand-name recognition, which is a problem we don’t have,” said Yuengling’s Ice Cream President David Yuengling, a cousin of brewery owner Dick Yuengling and great- grandson of the man who started the original ice cream company 94 years ago. “We are really popular for not having been on the marketfor30years.” Made by a small dairy in Tamaqua, Pa., Yuengling’s is available in 10 flavors, including black and tan (Belgian chocolate and salted caramel), an homage to the ice cream’s brewery roots. The brewery side of the family, in fact, had no problem with are launch of the ice cream brand, so long as the frozen treat met expectations.

One comment on “Ice Cream!

  1. wineoh!006
    February 12, 2014

    Interesting. Wonder what the ingredients are.

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