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New Adventures in Low Gluten Brews

I have recently begun a new quest in my dietary adventures; I have decided to omit/seriously limit gluten. As a beer aficionado, this choice presents a very unique challenge, so I am now exploring the choices available in the low/gluten-free beer market. So far the experience has been positive, and here are my findings:


After reading another THRILLIST article all about the best gluten-free brews that are good, I tried Omission, which is available in two local liquor stores. I have tried the Lager, shown above, and the Pale Ale. They also have an IPA, which I’m excited to try. Both so far are delicious. The Lager is better, but the Pale has a toasted grain flavor, which I thought was unexpected. The IPA is made in the Northwest, hop-forward style, which is my favorite, so I’m stoked to try it soon. Next up:


I tried this Blond at The Mussel Bar in The Revel. It was very good and I was impressed. I also tried the following at The Revel, this time at Village Whiskey:



This brew had that same toasted grain flavor as the Omission Pale, but in reading the ingredients I was disappointed. Brown rice extract and caramel color? Ew! No more New Planet for me. I emailed Omission and asked about their ingredients and additives. They swear their brews are made only with malted barley, hops, yeast and water. They add an enzyme during the brewing process that eats the gluten.

So, all in all, I continue on my adventure and will try and blog about low gluten brews, but so far, Omission is my top choice and I cannot wait to try the IPA!


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