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Stone Smoked Porter W/Chipotle Peppers, Stone Brewing Co, Escondido, CA


Well, well…this my friends is a homerun in my book. Had the vanilla version and it was good but Chipotle brings it to a  whole new level. I am now a huge fan of pepper in beer. The nose doesn’t even give u a clue of what you’re in store for. Just four sips in and I’m on fire.. lol!
Expect your typical Stone Porter with a smoky taste and a surprise in the back of your throat and then moving to ur lips . Carmel and peat throughout! A summer special release but it should be a year-round regular release…. kudos Stone!

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One comment on “Stone Smoked Porter W/Chipotle Peppers, Stone Brewing Co, Escondido, CA

  1. wineoh!006
    May 13, 2014

    Agreed! We began with the unparalleled, delicious and fiery Hoodwink stout from Fordham/Old Dominion, then on to DuClaw’s Cocoa Fuego and very recently Rogue’s Chipotle Ale. We’re very much enjoying this trend and Stone’s packs a peppery punch with a nice, smooth chipotle flavor finish. It’s oddly satisfying to have a cold, spicy brew!

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