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Ciliata, Mosquito Brewing, Millville, NJ

Today’s session started Thursday night with the preparation of the yeast starter for the English style Barleywine I made today. This is the starter spinning on my stirplate.


After bringing my strike water to the desired temperature, the grains and water are mixed together and allowed to mash for a half hour.


The next step was to run off the sweet wort into the kettle.


The batch sparging method has you drain the grain bed and then run all your sparge water into the mash tun at once. Just like fly sparging, this rinses more of the fermentables from the grains.


When I have filled my kettle to the desired volume, we wait for the wort to come to a boil. Then the fist addition of hops is tossed in.


When the brewing process is complete, it is time to cool the wort and transfer it to a fermenter. I chill my wort using an immersion chiller. Once I have my 5.5 gallons of wort in the fermenter, it is time for the yeast to get to work.


This one will take a while to ferment and condition. I am hoping to be drinking it this winter.

3 comments on “Ciliata, Mosquito Brewing, Millville, NJ

  1. abdillhomebrew
    June 1, 2014

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  2. DuffBrew
    June 2, 2014

    I don’t particularly care for Barleywine, but I hope that all goes well and that I get to taste this batch. If when it’s complete, you were pressed to give it a name and to name your garage as a brewing company, what would the names be?

    [Brew Name], [Brewing Company Name], [City], [State]

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