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Erraticus, Mosquito Brewing, Millville, NJ

I was gifted this black pilsner from fellow BrewBlogger AbdillHomeBrew. I was unfamiliar with the Schwarzbier (black beer) type, but I have had a black pilsner before and until this brew came along, I did not know these were interchangeable. After researching the category on my Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guideline application, I found that not only is this beer delicious, it epitomizes the type beautifully. A malty lager that is not over powering and not totally black, it is crisp and comes off clean, a dark summer seasonal to me. If I could order a sixtel of this for my mid-summer birthday celebration, I would do it for sure. Named after a type of gross dark mosquito, a shade of color is the only thing this brew shares with the insect. A second homerun brew varietal from one of our very own BrewBloggers. If ever we take off as a brewing company, I’ve got two brews that I’d like to enjoy from our menu. Great job AbdillHomeBrew, way to go!

One comment on “Erraticus, Mosquito Brewing, Millville, NJ

  1. abdillhomebrew
    June 5, 2014

    I’m glad that my beer passed this test!

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