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A Brew Bloggers Halloween Pumpkin Brew Tasting Post

Tonight we are not following our usual format. We began a family tradition of pumpkin brew tasting while handing out candy to trick or treaters about 3 years ago and here are tonight’s results.
Up first was Neshaminy Creek’s Punkless Dunkel, and as we have already blogged, this was awesome and the number one of the night. Then we had the long awaited Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin, another member of the Brush & Barrel Series, and another star. Deliciously pumpkin with hints of the other ingredients listed, ginger, spices, etc. This was my number two of the night. Next was Elysian Pumpkin Patch Ale. This was also very good, with nutmeg as the prominent spice on the nose and taste with a creamy, pumpkin pie with whipped cream finish. Last was a bomber of Fegley’s Imperial Pumpkin, and as always was strong and tasting of liquid pumpkin pie. We had two bombers of Southern Tier PumKing on hand last night, but we drank it all. We resisted purchasing it until yesterday since it’s been on the shelves since late July. It’s still amazingly delicious.
Recap in order from first to last according to me: Punkless Dunkel, Southern Tier PumKing, Long Trail Imperial Pumpkin, Fegley’s Imperial Pumpkin and Elysain Pumpkin Patch. What a wonderful FRIDAY NIGHT Halloween tasting!

2 comments on “A Brew Bloggers Halloween Pumpkin Brew Tasting Post

  1. DuffBrew
    November 5, 2014

    I’d probably put the Elysian a bit higher up, but that would probably make it tied with another brew on the list. I’d probably say Pumking and Pumpkin Patch are very close to the same level of perfection.

  2. DuffBrew
    November 11, 2014

    Will there be any pumpkin seasonal varieties had with Thanksgiving dinner this year?

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