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Sorry Not Sorry Ipa, Stone Collaboration


Hop Heads Unite! Sounds like something a legion of superheroes might say. Well let me tell you, the superheroes at Stone, Bale Breaker and 4 Hands Brewing have collaborated on a brew that has reached the pinnacle of hoppyness for me. From the nose to the first sip to the aftertaste, it hops hops hops! Did I say hops?
The only drawback for me with this brew is that I only found it in bomber bottles as shown in the picture. That’s it six packs or sixtels here in Jersey.
Now for the brew. The nose is loaded with hop and citrus notes. Very clean and fresh. The first sip yields a very hoppy bitter brew with tastes of citrus, hops and a very subtle note of peaches. Just a wonderful full bodied taste. Not much of malt taste to be had. Very little sweetness if any. Your mouth is left with a bitterness on the back of your tongue. This is something I would expect from a high class IPA which this is.
My recommendation is to pick this up as soon as you can and drink it as fresh as you can. You will not be sorry if you’re an IPA fan!

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