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King Porter Stomp Chocolate Porter, Cape May Brewing Company, Cape May, NJ

I love that NJ small town brews are getting big enough to bottle. From Cape May to Mt Holly to North Bergen, New Jersey, some of our favorites are just getting started while others are well established. This varietal is one that our very own Hoppiman had me excited to taste more than a year ago. Although they will never be able to make their Bare-Knuckle Stout again, this too is one Hoppiman assured me was the one to get, boy were you right. A chocolate that is subtle, but leaves you wanting more. At 7.4%, you better sip easy on this complex porter. It is odd, but this to me is a complex porter and I like it, which surprises me even more. Congrats to Cape May Brewing. Look for Cape May, Village Idiot and New Jersey Brewing at your local shop, you might get lucky☺

One comment on “King Porter Stomp Chocolate Porter, Cape May Brewing Company, Cape May, NJ

  1. kurtlo
    December 28, 2016

    I also got it bottled and enjoyed every last drop of this one!

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