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This post will be about a beer delivery service that I’ve discovered by way of Groupon. Stumbling upon this one day I figured I hit the jackpot. Beer delivered to my front door in four 32 oz Growlers, cold free shipped for a whopping $20. Well, I almost fell off the chair to be honest with you my beer connoisseur reader. I thought, sign me up immediately and I did. I’m going to give you some pointers and some positives and some negatives here so take them all in and make your own decision. First off I signed up on hopsy for a username and an account, after purchasing the Groupon and found out shortly that I signed up under the San Francisco side of the website. Why is this an issue you say? If you try to use your Groupon on this side of the website and you are on the East Coast it tells you they cannot deliver the beer to you. Not to be deterred, I went back to the main site and found a location for New York. Once I changed my location to the New York side, walla… They’re delivering beer to New Jersey! At this point I had four choices. I could get Hoppy ipas, I could get a mix of dark beers or I could get a mix of lagers and pilsners. Those of you that know me, I chose the hoppy pack ..duh? And what a hoppy pack it was! Are you ready? I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath or should I say hoppy breath. So here we go…THE LIST..


Barrier Brewing




Southern Tier Brewing



Okay so I was flipping out with these choices of for 32-ounce Growlers shipped to me cold for free and what a list. Everything so far they nailed. Now for the negative… Let me just say obviously I got the beers eventually. Once you purchase the beers you are to identify a date for delivery so somebody can be home over 21 to sign for them. Which I did. The day came the beers never came. I wrote customer service on Hopsy and they answered me within 12 or so hours and apologized and said that they reissued my order and are shipping it. They identified the date and the day came and went. But have no fear, a day after the proposed second date I received the beer in great condition sealed fresh and cold. Customer service was responsive that’s a plus. One side note they did not require a signature. They just left it on my porch but I have one of them ring doorbells and was able to see the delivery. So in summary, you are probably asking would I do it again???I will tell you for that kind of price abso-freakin’-lutely! Each of these beers on their site is normally priced for 13.99 a growler! So there it is! I hope you enjoyed this post and see the picture, cheers!

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2 comments on “

  1. Rob
    December 11, 2017

    I went to the NY site and put in NJ as my address. A was well until AFTER I paid. The site said they couldn’t deliver to my area. I guess Cape May County is just too darn far.

    • DuffBrew
      March 16, 2019

      Rob did you ever determine what happened here, did you buy this service?

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