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Moxee Gold IPA: Farm To Can Series, Stone Brewing, Escondido, CA and Richmond, VA

I won’t spoil it for you, but this is not your typical IPA. From the can chapter I learned that this ale series celebrates the specific farm locations where the hops were grown. In the case of CLS Farms in Moxee WA, the El Dorado hop variety was developed and is the driving force of this brew’s flavor. To read it for yourself without the can in hand visit

The can chapter piqued my interest in the location so, I looked around the Yakima County GIS website. Here at the Land Info Portal I found a beautiful aerial view of the farm. To see this gorgeousness for yourself, turn on the “2017 Photos” after visiting this link

(Can you imagine what it must smell like while strolling through that deliciousness? Mmm-Mm)

This brew pours golden in color like its mythical city counter-part, Moxee’s El Dorado hops drive the mild dank flavor. I feel this would be more enjoyable for fans of a distinctly mild, but noble hop flavor, a crisp-dank, if you will.

Check one out when you can.

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