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(Variety Of Brews), Somers Point Brewing Company, Somers Point, NJ

Although the sign reads, “established 2017”, Somers Point Brewing Company (So Po) opened April 11th, 4pm, 2019. The Company has repurposed the Ice building once at this location, that can still be seen now from the Street Side pictures available from Google and Bing.

I am even more thrilled with each delicious brewery that opens in my back yard and Somers Point Brewing Company is no different. I had heard rumors that you should give this company time to further develop their libations before you try them, to this I say, “you’re missing out on deliciousness”.

Here we note our first look at two brews that may usually go un noticed from our site here at Brew Bloggers Dot Com a blonde ale and a saison. I encourage you to try all the brews from So Po or as I like to shout, “SO-PO YO! Aw-YEAH!”.

Big Nose Blonde Ale is NOT an amazonian woman in need of rhinoplasty and is way more sexy than the name might suggest. This ale is a clean-tasting aromatic beauty that should be your first choice in the flight of brews that you’ll get when you place your order at So Po (Somers Point Brewing).

7th Street Saison is a high in alcohol and very tasty springtime saison. The taste at the brewery is stronger and more defined than from the crowler (can-growler) a few days later, but holds up its very desirable flavor. Coming in at 7.5abv, this one is only good for one or two before you have to go back out to operate the lawn mower.

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