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Fiddlehead IPA, Fiddlehead Brewing Company, Shelburne, VT

When I realized that I throughly enjoyed this one from the can, I decided I must try it from the keg.

Joe Canal’s in the Lowe’s shopping center on the Black Horse Pike (Route 40) in Egg Harbor Twp, NJ, is truly in it for you to win it! Win over your friends and family for one and all of your celebrations this season with their carefully selected wares. I remain grateful for all these folks that help to get the kegs of brew we desire most. These hard working passionate good people ordered this for me on the condition that it not be more than two weeks old.

Freshest Fiddlehead IPA keg a mere 10 days old

Michelle from Joe Canal’s called me a few hours after my visit when I submitted my request last week. She wanted to let me know this wonderful libation only comes in 1/4 kegs (7.75 gallons). We usually have two sixtel kegs on at any given moment and at the time, I thought nothing of it and cheered her attention to detail.

Diameter difference illustration quarter (1/4) keg next to a sixtel (1/6) keg

A full keg or vat of beer is 31 gallons, a sixtel is 5.16 gallons and a quarter is 7.75 gallons. Unfortunately, I discovered that our kegerator will not hold more than one quarter keg at a time. Thankfully the Belgian ale we had on the other side tap was almost kicked. I had to growler out the last of it to make room for this Fiddlehead IPA.

Bursting with all the flavors we love. As soon as this brew covers the whole of your tongue, palate and is swallowed down, you will experience a brief blanket of amazing that keeps you wanting more. Drink this one responsibly as you won’t notice the 6.2 abv, not for a while anyway 😉

One comment on “Fiddlehead IPA, Fiddlehead Brewing Company, Shelburne, VT

  1. DuffBrew
    November 18, 2022

    I so love this and would love to try to brew this one for myself. Wonder if there is a clone I could scale down to a gallon m?

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