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Billy’s Chilies Beer, Timberline Series, Twisted Pine Brewing Company, Boulder, CO


WOW! The label says, “Our chili beer is made with five different kinds of fresh chili peppers. Rich pepper aroma greets you when the bottle is opened, followed by its satisfying beer taste and then subtle spiciness.” This spice is NOT subtle. Maybe we got a spicy batch, but I feel like I’m breathing fire! The brew smells like the fresh ribs of a spicy pepper and then the taste is an ale with loads of way spicy pepper blends. If you don’t like spicy, DO NOT DRINK THIS BEER. We here like spicy foods and brews, so this is quite a treat. It’s golden in color and very cloudy with bits of peppers floating around and low carbonation. Again, WOW! I think the next round will be paired with a black pepper cheddar or a chipotle cheddar. Stay tuned.

4 comments on “Billy’s Chilies Beer, Timberline Series, Twisted Pine Brewing Company, Boulder, CO

  1. DuffBrew
    August 1, 2014

    I have a friend that immigrated to the States ten or fifteen years ago from Bangladesh. I believe he is Muslim and has unknowingly tried a beer one other time in his life, but otherwise does not drink and loves spicy. I sent him this message regarding this brew:
    “Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to try a beer again… But I must say, that if you ever did attempt to try a beer again, THIS is your beer. No foolin’. If you were to ever enjoy the taste of beer, this would be the beer that you would enjoy…..the Mrs too, I just know it. It’s a good liquid heat that tastes delicious. They are completely understated in their assessment when they say subtle spiciness, its a delicious heat that mellows with every sip but at first is like, holy crap-oh-lee! Wow.”
    Its a good one. I wonder if it tastes and different on tap…?

  2. DuffBrew
    August 1, 2014

    Paired with chipotle cheese and black pepper corn cheese, this brew rocks even more!

  3. wineoh!006
    August 1, 2014

    Yes, it does pair very well with both cheeses. The cheese actually mellows the taste.

  4. DuffBrew
    August 1, 2014

    Prior to tasting this brew, I held all peppered brews up to Fordham Old Dominion’s Hoodwinked Stout. Now I will be comparing beers against Hoodwinked and Billy’s, yes!

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