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1916 Shore Shiver IPA, Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company, Cherry Hill, NJ

This is one we have only been able to enjoy while attending a beer tasting event or by going to the brewery. That is, until the recent release of the can format, woo hoo! Although I don’t enjoy the brew as much when drinking from the can, its very nice out of the glass I pour it into 😉
1916 Shore Shiver remembers a ‘swell from the depths of hell’ when the ‘shore shivered’ from a particularly deadly great white shark. A hyper aggressive version of the modern day ‘Mary Lee’ and no doubt the inspiration for Jaws. Welcome to Amity, I mean JERSEY!
An easy drinking 6.9% abv that is a nice blend of tribute to the English classic, while maintaining a lingering more contemporary west coast after bitter flavor. A flavor that is almost as lovely as the band of millennials that brews this deliciousness. Cheers! to Forgotten Boardwalk! A great slice of everything that is great in JERSEY! Now we need some good organic brews.
Ha! :p

One comment on “1916 Shore Shiver IPA, Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company, Cherry Hill, NJ

  1. daboneman
    May 9, 2015

    Having this now….agreed!

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